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“Coasting”: MFA Alum Ari Rosenschein’s Forthcoming Short Story Collection

Recent MFA graduate Ari Rosenschein has a book of interconnected short stories coming out on November 13th from  Pen Name Publishing. He is a Seattle-based writer whose essays and fiction appear in Entropy, Noisey, Drunk Monkeys, P.S. I Love You, Observer, The Big Takeover, The Bookends Review, and elsewhere.Ari Rosenschein headshot

Long-time musician and current member of two bands, The Royal Oui and STAHV, Rosenschein’s Coasting follows music-industry aspirants, a brooding record store clerk, goth teens, and others into rehearsal rooms, 12-step meetings, a cult indoctrination, even a Russian heavy metal bunker. “Certainly, a lot of these stories draw on aspects of my life as a musician and longtime California resident—some much more overtly than others,” he said. “As a result, there is some apprehension mixed in with the incredible excitement I feel seeing Coasting go out into the world.”

He spoke of a walk around campus during his final residency with then-mentor Ana Maria Spagna, and the advice she gave him on packaging his various projects, including Coasting, and the subsequent hundreds of hours he spent over the summer pulling the stories apart, putting them back together, and forming them into a cohesive collection. “There would be no Coasting without the Antioch Los Angeles MFA program,” he said, “Many of these stories began in packets for my mentors. A number started out as CNF but became fiction as I hemmed and hawed at the truth. I spent one project period working with author Victoria Patterson. Her collection, Drift, was an inspiration to me. The way that the separate pieces in that book interconnect was eye-opening.” Coasting has received advance praise from faculty/authors from the MFA program as well as others:

“A master craftsman, Rosenschein holds up a mirror to our desperate wish for something better, and the sundry ways we make peace with what is.” –Bernadette Murphy, author of Harley and Me: Embracing Risk on the Road to a More Authentic Life

Coasting will make recovering scenesters laugh, nod, and cringe in recognition, and then give thanks they grew up.” –Kara Vernor, author of Because I Wanted to Write You a Pop SongFlyer food truck blue

Promotion of the book will be supported with author readings starting early in 2019. Readers can pick up a copy before then from Amazon or from Rosenschein’s website.

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