Clark State and Antioch University Midwest 3+1 Transfer Degrees Will Reduce College Costs

July 18, 2016 (Yellow Springs, OH) – Clark State Community College and Antioch University Midwest have joined forces to make a college education more affordable for students by establishing new 3+1 options for students. The 3+1 pathway options will allow students to complete three years of college courses at Clark State and one year at Antioch University Midwest in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

“Antioch University Midwest has always been a strong partner with Clark State, and they understand the needs of the adult learner as well as any institution in higher education,” said Dr. Jo Alice Blondin, president of Clark State. “Antioch University Midwest takes a strong student-centered approach to its programs, and this partnership is such a natural fit for us.”

The transfer guides between the two universities are available starting this fall. Students will complete 90 credit hours at Clark State and 30 credit hours at Antioch University Midwest.

“These are the first true 90/30 split agreements between the two institutions,” said Amy Sues, associate dean of academic affairs for Clark State. “Currently there are 13 transfer guides in which a Clark State student can transfer to Antioch University Midwest and only need the remaining 30 credit hours to get their bachelor’s degree.”

Sues said almost all of Clark State’s majors will eventually transfer into one of Antioch University Midwest’s 13 baccalaureate degrees. “This agreement is beneficial to all of our students, but especially the ones who want to complete their degree close to home and during convenient class times,” she said.

Clark State and Antioch University Midwest faculty and advisors will work jointly with students during years three and four to advise appropriate courses to meet the transfer guide course requirements.

Current pathways available are:

  1. A.A.B. in Agricultural Business to B.S. in Applied Technology and Business Leadership
  2. A.A.B. in Agricultural Business to B.A. Management
  3. A.A.B. in Agricultural Business to B.A. Liberal Studies Environmental Sustainability concentration
  4. A.A.S. in Criminal Justice Technology-Corrections to B.A. Liberal Studies with Conflict Studies concentration
  5. A.A.S. in Criminal Justice Technology-Law Enforcement to B.A. Liberal Studies with Conflict Studies concentration
  6. A.A.B. in Social Services to B.A. in Human Services Administration
  7. A.A.B. in Management to B.S. Applied Technology and Business Leadership
  8. A.A.B. in Management to B.A. Management
  9. A.A.S. in Software Development to B.A. Liberal Studies with concentration in Information Technology
  10. A.A.S. in GIS Geospatial Technology to B.A. Liberal Studies with concentration in Information Technology
  11. A.A.S. in Cyber Security/Information Assurance to B.A. Liberal Studies with concentration in Information Technology
  12. A.A.S. in Computer Networking to B.A. Liberal Studies with concentration in Information Technology
  13. A.A.B. in Early Childhood Education to B.A. in Liberal Studies with concentration in Education Studies (non-licensure)

Students will benefit in a variety of ways, including easier access to a four-year degree and affordability. Sonya Fultz, chair of undergraduate and interdisciplinary studies for Antioch University Midwest, said the agreement saves students almost $12,000.

“The agreement allows the students to earn both an associate and bachelor’s degree in four years at full-time enrollment and without the worry of what credits will transfer,” she said. “With AUM a short 15 minutes away from Clark State, students will be able to finish their bachelor’s degree close to home.”

Clark State students will apply to Antioch University Midwest after completing their associate degree. Students may take the final 60 credits of their degrees simultaneously, with AUM functioning as their home institution and Clark State offering courses through the partnership.

“Antioch University Midwest is pleased to announce its affordable and accelerated 3+1 career programs,” said Dr. Marian Glancy, provost of AUM. “Rated number one by U.S. News and World Report for serving adult learners, the program allows students to gain access to the Antioch University bachelor’s degree program while remaining on their community college campuses after graduation. Students will then complete a one-year residency at the Antioch University Midwest campus taking our core degree requirements that challenge and enable our students to unite their passion with purpose.”

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