Caley ODwyer painting

Caley O’Dwyer, Undergraduate Studies Faculty and Artist, Debuts “Scoring Movement”

Caley ODwyer painting

Caley O’Dwyer is a teacher, therapist, and artist. He is debuting his art exhibit “Scoring Movement” in NoHo for sale and display at Art in the Art House in North Hollywood from August through the end of September 2018. O’Dwyer, a licensed therapist, demonstrates the intersectionality of art and therapy, as he usually counsels for artists and other creatives in the field.

Caley ODwyer painting

As Director of Laemmle writes for the Art House, Sherly Myerson says “O’Dwyer’s body of work serves as unmistakable proof that the professional triangle of Art, Writing, and Therapy inform each other.” The series of artworks follows the use of figures as “multiple selves.” These figures play with elements of space, time, and visually appear as a “musical score.”

Caley ODwyer painting

O’Dwyer received his MFA at UC Irvine and MA in Psychology at Philips Graduate Institute. He currently teaches creative writing at Antioch University Los Angeles and is a practicing therapist in the downtown Los Angeles region. O’Dwyer has received awards from both the Academy of American Poets Fellowship and the Helene Wurlitzer grant for poetry.

Caley O'Dwyer author photo

Photo Credit: Audrey Mandelbaum

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