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Bridge Program Featured in “The Clemente Quarterly”

The Bridge Program’s Service Learning Class (BSL) and Bridge faculty member Rosa Garza-Mourino were featured in The Clemente Quarterly, a national newsletter for those interested in free education in the humanities. Created by Garza-Mourino in 2011, the Service Learning Course gets students out of the classroom and into the neighborhoods providing an opportunity to connect classroom learning with learning directly within communities. When integrated with the humanities and writing curriculum in Bridge, the Service Learning Course is a tailored educational experience designed to allow students to work with and learn from community members.

“In BSL we ask critical questions about how to engage in the community,” Garza-Mourino says. “What does it mean to be inside? To be outside? How can we respectfully and ethically approach a community that is not necessarily our own and learn from them? How and why do we serve others?”

BSL students meet for two hours on Saturday mornings in addition to their twice-weekly Bridge classes and have the opportunity to earn additional college credit for the experience. The class meets in the streets of Little Tokyo and in South Los Angeles. While the class is optional, students who participate in BSL are more likely to complete the regular Bridge class.

Read the interview with Rosa Garza-Mourino and learn more about Bridge Program’s Service Learning Course.

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