Beth Corwin, MEd ’06

Physical Ed Teacher
Symonds School
Keene, New Hampshire
Undergraduate: Physical Education, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Why did you choose Antioch University New England?
“The program allowed me to build my degree program around my workeverything I studied, wrote about, and created at AUNE centered around my work as a physical educator.”

What was the best part of the Experienced Educators program?
“Through the ExEd program, I was acknowledged as an expert in my area and encouraged to bring my expertise to my school and district. This has allowed me to bring a comprehensive school wellness program to my school and to other district schools. All of the schools will be creating wellness policies encouraging nutrition and physical activity. This will have a huge impact on students and will engage teachers, staff, and parents as well.”

Why does the world need you, and others like you, now?
“We need to ensure the health and wellbeing of our children. They are our future. As educators, we need to give them the tools they need to grow up to be well educated, healthy, happy, engaged, and productive citizens.”

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