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BA and MAEd Alumna Kanani Koster’s Western Cinema Includes AUS Alumni

Kanani Koster, alumna of both the BA in Liberal Studies and MA in Education programs, is creating an experimental Western “big” short film, “The New Frontier,” featuring many Antioch alumni! The film’s website describes “The New Frontier” as “a short film that explores and honors people of color’s histories and contributions to our country specifically from 1860-1895 a.k.a. the Old West. By subverting tropes and reclaiming classic American symbolism we hope to highlight the badass heroes we needed as kids.”

Its inclusion statement adds, “The New Frontier has an amazing team of collaborators, stars, and crew; a majority of which are women and people of color. By working with cultural consultants from the Yakima tribe to museums we’re constantly checking our work and the stories we strive to tell.”

The following Antioch alumni are contributing their talents to the film:

  • Kanani Koster (BA in Liberal Studies/MAEd in Urban Environmental Education)
  • Sylvia Hadnot (MAEd in Urban Environmental Education)
  • James King Jr. (BA in Liberal Studies/MAEd in Urban Environmental Education)
  • Dre Anderson (MAEd in Urban Environmental Education)
  • Julian Kane (MAEd in Urban Environmental Education)
  • Travis Koster (BA in Liberal Studies)

When asked about her relationship with Antioch, Koster explained the following:

Applied Psychology Publishers articlesI did both my undergrad and Masters at Antioch and it really shaped who I am today as an Entrepreneur and Creative. I remember taking classes like Buddhist Art History with Melanie King, Digital Storytelling with BJ Bullert, Creative Nonfiction with Evan Peters, Diversity Power and Privilege with Ron Harris White, and Book Binding with Carolyn Hall. Not only did classes like this really inspire me but they gave me room to explore my own creative expression. I don’t think I ever would’ve been as drawn to filmmaking had I gone to a traditional college where I might’ve learned the technical heavy aspect in a classroom.

Antioch also is where I really had a chance to build a community of like-minded artists around me where we could support one another. I think that’s what I am most excited for in creating this film. Each chapter is written by a different person to help tell that history and story. I think films would be a lot more authentic and successful if directors and producers took a step back and made room for others to contribute in the pre-production process. I’m hoping I do just that with “The New Frontier!”

For more information about “The New Frontier,” including options to help contribute to the film:

Photos courtesy of Kanani Koster.

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