AUS’s Ride in the Rain Challenge and Awards

Ride in the Rain Awards, closeup of bike tiresAntioch Seattle participated in the city-wide Ride in the Rain Challenge for the month of November 2018! More of a team celebration than a competition, the AUS Ride in the Rain team is focused on riding and having fun!

What is the Ride in the Rain Challenge?

Ride in the Rain is a fun and free competition to encourage friends and colleagues to experience firsthand the joys and benefits of riding a bicycle, even in the rain! The idea of the Challenge is to turn a common barrier to biking — inclement weather — on its head and celebrate biking during the rainiest month of the year.

AUS’S Team did great!

AUS scored first place for Total Distance Points for a university workplace (beating UW by 12 points!) and AUS also scored second place for Total Points, coming in just 48 points below UW.

Not only did AUS do well as a team in friendly competition with other teams, but AUS also handed out fun awards to members of our team, internally. Here are the results of the Ride in the Rain 2018 Awards:

Ride in the Rain 2018 Awards!!! As of 11/29/18

Most Miles = Tan Truong (272 miles!)

Longest Ride = Cori Adler (14 miles!!)

Most CO2 Saved (by commuting) = Meg Kelly (51 lbs!!)

Best Encourager = Keleigh Powers (for encouraging Cori!!)

New Rider = Heather Blaze (for first bike commuting in the rainiest month of the year!!)

Best Photo = Chalese Stevens (for awesome bike gear pic!!)

Shortest Ride = Kristopher Keil (only 2 miles – and you chose to bike anyway!!)

Best Ride Reason = Sara Whitney (“I ride to make the world a better place!” – !!)

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