AUSB Statement on the Winter Storm of January 2018

Dear AUSB Community,

[Updated on Tuesday, January 16]

As you know, classes will resume on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, however there is no expectation for students to physically travel to campus via train, emergency ferry, or al ternate route Interstate 5 , if they are burdened by this travel . We have heard consistent reports of unexpected delays, inaccurate navigation systems, increased cost, risk of accidents or closures due to unusual congestion, or increased time in travel. Please be aware that if you choose to travel to or from Santa Barbara , the train has been sold out at peak times with standing room only, and there are continued reports of delays on twitter.

To support students in meeting their learning g oals in the BA, MACP, MBA, MFA, PsyD, and all Education, Credential and Certificate Programs, we have increased the number of Pro Zoom accounts for each academic department, which will allow faculty to include all students in their classes – with some physically present on campus w hile others are participating remotely.

In other words, all students will have the opportunity to continue making academic progress toward their learning goals by either coming to campus for their face-to-face course, or through remote access and participation via Zoom. Both MFA and MBA programs have already found success with Zoom conferencing .

Zoom is a video conferencing program similar to ‘Join Me’ or Skype. However the Pro Zoom accounts the faculty are using will have broader capacity and can be used for the full three hour span of each class . Students and faculty will be able to share their screens and powerpoints during the classes.

Invitations with clickable links to join the class will be sent to students allowing for full inclusion and participation in classes. While this modality may not be ideal for those courses designed to be delivered face-to-face, this mode of delivery will serve an important function for continuity at the present time .

If students use their individual laptops/computers or mobile devices to participate, the process could be very effective. For those without power or internet/phone or access, traveling to nearby public libraries with internet access is a viable option.

Should you experience challenges with Zoom, please reach out to your Program Coordinators for assistance . For any other matters related to the need for greater flexibility with assignments please contact your instructors directly. Instructors are committed to your success.

The following is a useful link regarding Zoom:

Antioch Zoom web site (useful information and links to tutorials)

We remain grateful to the first responders, search and rescue crews, and the current search and recovery teams in our area. The tender compassion and kindness demonstrated by the recovery teams has been appreciated, as we mourn the loss of those in our community and acknowledge the profound impact on each one of us.

The candlelight vigils held over the past two days have initiated the community healing and recovery process. Please join the BA Program on Tuesday at noon, as they host a “coming together” for all students, to offer acknowledgement, a space for listening, and information on local resources.

[Updated on Thursday, January 11]

AUSB is scheduled to resume our normal operations on Tuesday, January 16th, 2018. As a reminder, the campus is closed on Monday, January 15th in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The damage and impact of the Winter Storm on the heels of the Thomas Fire continues to have a devastating impact on our community. We understand that many of you, your families and loved ones have been severely affected. Our primary goal is always the safety and health of our community and we have made various closures, cancellations, and adjustments to assist in this effort. We continue to encourage you to limit your travel and stay informed of current conditions and emergency instructions.

For community resources and information, including up-to-date information about road closures, locating loved ones, bottled water locations, visit Santa Barbara County’s 2018 January Storm Information site at

For those currently out of the area or without television, local KEYT3 Santa Barbara news coverage is available online. KEYT3 offers Livestream of their coverage of breaking news and local press briefings on the disaster and relief efforts at the following link:

KEYT is also maintaining a list of Road and Traffic Conditions:
Santa Barbara 211 services has published additional fire/mudslide information, including post-storm cleanup, counseling resources, and more at:

For Ventura county residents, access Ventura 211 information at:
The Red Cross Shelter is located on the SBCC campus at 721 Cliff Dr for anyone needing disaster assistance, mental health services, food, shelter, and showers.

For any students with questions or concerns about AUSB, feel free to email Student Services at:
[email protected].

Our community is a resilient one, and I have confidence in our ability to move forward together, support each other, and continue providing the quality education that Antioch University is well known for.


Dr. Barbara Lipinski
CEO & Campus Provost
Antioch University Santa Barbara


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