AUSB Campus Open During Mandatory Evacuations

Message from the Provost

Updated: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dear AUSB Students,

Serious Storm Approaching; Mandatory Evacuation Order Effective at Noon Tuesday for Areas of Extreme and High Risk for Debris Flows

I am writing to confirm that the campus remains open as scheduled and is not in an evacuation zone. If there is a need for closure this will be communicated on the AUSB website and through email.

As many of you know, mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders are in effect for parts of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties due to the approaching storm. All evacuation orders take effect at noon today, Tuesday 3/20, and will be in effect through Thursday at 5pm, March 22, 2018. Mandatory evacuations have also been ordered for the La Conchita area along the 101 freeway, effective at noon Tuesday.

For staff who need time away for evacuating, please do so and notify your supervisor(s). For staff who live south of Santa Barbara or in areas that require freeway travel through the areas subject to debris flows or flooding, make arrangements directly with your supervisor(s) if you wish to work remotely after 12pm tomorrow, and notify your team members. Once again, we can rely on Zoom for meetings if anyone is unable to travel due to severe weather conditions.

You may check the Santa Barbara County Ready or Ventura County Emergency website to determine if you live in the evacuation zone.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, in consultation with the National Weather Service and other public safety officials, has issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order effective tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon for individuals in all risk levels. This means that those in Extreme Risk and High Risk areas – red, yellow and grey areas on the Debris Flow Risk Map – near the Thomas, Sherpa and Whittier burn areas must be out of the evacuation areas by noon Tuesday.

Individuals in the Alamo burn area are in a Recommended Evacuation Warning area. People with access and functional needs in the Extreme and High Risk areas should consider immediate evacuation. Owners of large animals and livestock should consider relocating immediately.

Those in the Extreme and High Risks areas are required to evacuate at noon on Tuesday (March 20). To determine if a residence or business is in the evacuation area, consult the evacuation boundaries map or call 2-1-1.

I send wishes for everyone’s safety and well being.


Dr. Barbara Lipinski
Provost and CEO


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