AUS Dean of Students Shana Hormann Recently Lead Workshop at Panjab University, India

Antioch University Seattle Dean of Students Shana Hormann recently traveled to our sister school, Panjab University in Chandigarh, India, to give a lecture and later lead a workshop on organizational trauma, as part of an event organized by Panjab University’s Centre for Human Rights and Duties. From her workshop description:

“Organizational trauma is a collective experience that overwhelms the organization’s defensive and protective structures and leaves the entity temporarily vulnerable and helpless or permanently damaged. Traumatic events can be sudden, shocking, and throw the organization into turmoil. Organizational traumatization may also result from repeated damaging actions or the deleterious effects of the nature of an organization’s work. Unaddressed organizational trauma–whether sudden or cumulative–causes serious harm and can be catastrophic for organizations. It negatively impacts service delivery, compromises work with clients, and weakens the organization’s ability to respond to internal and external challenges. Over time the unhealed effects of trauma and traumatization compromise the organization’s fundamental health.”

Hormann’s lecture was organized under the Memorandum of Understanding between Antioch University Seattle and Panjab University, and was one of many talks given that day. The event also included powerful words from Professor Swarnjit Kaur, Coordinator of the Centre for Human Rights and Duties on the proactive role the Centre has taken in strengthening its academic collaboration with universities an ocean away, such as Antioch University Seattle. Professor O. P. Katare, Director of the Research Promotion Cell presided over the lectures, and gave presidential remarks on the role of spirituality and the power of the mind to deal with trauma.

More information about Shana’s work in organizational trauma and healing can be found at

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