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Earning a degree in Clinical Psychology is a rigorous five-year commitment. But if you think the PsyD students at Antioch University New England spend all their time nose-down in a book or computer, think again. Many lead busy and fascinating lives outside the classroom. Here are just a few of them:

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Jen Amato-2

Jen Amato

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Jennifer Amato | Boxer

A little over two years ago, Jennifer Amato, also a second-year PsyD student, began boxing, just to get in shape. In only her second fight, she won the New England Golden Gloves 112-lb. class; three months later, she went on to defeat a three-time national Junior Olympic champion. She is on her way to the Women’s National Golden Gloves competition, July 7-12, in Florida. But there’s more keeping Jen busy than school and boxing. Find out more about Jen.


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Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery

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Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery| Gospel and Rock Singer

Laetitia Geoffroy-Dallery, a second-year PsyD student, sang gospel and rock and performed on the stage in her native France. After coming to the United States and studying at Harvard University, she formed the Prince Street Cabaret. The cabaret will put on a special fundraiser for AUNE’s Support Group for Ethnic and Racial Diversity/Disaster Shakti, July 12 at the Armory in Somerville, Massachusetts. Learn more about Laetitia.


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Liz Rogers

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Liz Rogers | Singer and Songwriter
Liz Rogers, a second-year student, left full-time professional singing and songwriting,  a career she began at age nine, to study clinical psychology. I’m happy to uncouple money from music, said Liz, who continues to perform.  Find out more about Liz.


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