AUNE PsyD Program’s Concentration in Behavioral Health Integration and Population Health Accelerates with a Federal Grant

In the Fall of 2015, newly arrived faculty member Alexander (Sandy) Blount set about recruiting primary care partners all around northern New England to develop an integrated care practicum training network.  The goal of the network would be, not only to train doctoral students in providing clinical services as part of interprofessional medical teams, but also to train a workforce capable of guiding clinical practices through the transformation to true integrated behavioral health.  This set of skills includes identifying high leverage opportunities to improve the health of a patient population, developing and guiding the implementation of stepped care treatment protocols, and monitoring outcomes and quality of care.  We are delighted to report that we have received funding from the Federal Health Research and Services Administration, that will provide generous stipends to student trainees and onsite clinical supervisors, and also support a program of training in the practice transformation skills described above.  Congratulations to Dr. Blount and the pioneering students and practicum sites who signed on without any assurance of funding!

Antioch Voices- Nik Castle

International Day of Tolerance

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