AUNE Clinical Psychology Faculty Articles Accepted for Publication

AUNE Clinical Psychology professors Kathi Borden and Lorraine Mangione recently had two of their articles accepted for publication. The first, entitled “You can’t see it but you know it’s there: A recent history and social construction of the psyche” was published as part of an extensive treatment of the topic of psyche that was edited by Giancarla Sola. It will be published in I Problemi Della Pedagogia (Problems of Pedagogy). In it, Drs. Borden and Mangione discuss how historical events, modern movements in psychology, and ideas about the psyche are all interconnected, and have yielded a very broad and inclusive concept of the psyche.

Drs. Mangione and Borden also coauthored the second article, entitled “Mentoring in clinical psychology: Broadening and deepening. This article was coauthored with Dr. Lavita Nadkarni of the University of Denver, Antioch PsyD graduate Kate Evarts ’17, and University of Denver student Kelsey Hyde. It reports on results of a large study of the experiences of current clinical psychology doctoral students and recent graduates being mentored. Findings indicate the importance of the relationship competency in mentoring, the ability of students to find mentors for a wide range of roles including but extending beyond research, and the importance of a sense of mutual respect and caring about a student’s personal and professional growth in the mentoring relationship. The article will appear in the American Psychological Association journal, Training and Education in Professional Psychology®.

Mangione, L., Borden, K.A., Nadkarni, L., Evarts, K., & Hyde, K. (Accepted for publication, May, 2017). Mentoring in clinical psychology: Broadening and deepening. Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Borden, K.A. & Mangione, L. (Accepted for Publication, March, 2017). You can’t see it but you know it’s there: A recent history and social construction of the psyche. Invited contribution to G. Sola (Ed.) The concept of psyche: Between clinical pedagogy and clinical psychology. I problemi della pedagogia (Problems of Pedagogy).

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