AUNE to Launch New Recycling Program with Terracycle

The Social Justice and Sustainability team at AUNE will pilot a new recycling program, starting in January, aimed at further reducing the institution’s waste stream. Used products from more than twenty-five companiesincluding Colgate, Frito Lay, Tom’s of Maine, Brita, and Kraftwill be collected at the blue Resource Recovery Station on the first floor of AUNE. They will be submitted to TerraCycle, a company that collects more than three billion pieces of waste annually to recycle into a variety of reusable products such as backpacks, watering cans, office supplies, and even park benches.

Ideally, we’d like to try to reduce our waste production, said Courtney Conklin, AUNE’s solid waste coordinator. This program allows the waste that already exists to be reused and therefore kept out of landfills.

Students, faculty, and staff may begin contributing any used materials from the participating companies by bringing them to AUNE, starting in January.  For more information, please contact Josh Lipkowitz, AUNE sustainability & social justice coordinator, at [email protected].



Counseling and Collaboration in Western Massachusetts

Susan M. Quigley, PsyD and Elaine F. Campbell, PsyD, both graduated from Antioch New England’s Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program in 1999. They supported each other through their studies and collaborated on their doctoral dissertations. Over the years they’ve maintained a professional exchange and friendship that is a testament to its beginnings at Antioch.

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