AUNE Alumna Aids Orphaned Elephants, Debuts Book to Tell Their Story


Dr. Mary Baures is a writer and artist, and an expert in treating trauma who practices psychology in Beverly, Massachusetts. Through her work experience and education, (she holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Antioch University New England, and a certificate of advanced graduate study in human development from Harvard University, in addition to three master’s degrees) Baures was drawn to the plight of orphaned baby elephants. Only 3 percent of these young elephants survive once their parents have been slaughtered by ivory-hunting poachers.

Elephant Family (1 of 1)-10 Baures traveled to Africa and adopted a baby elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. That visit inspired a series of photography safaris during which she captured the strength, grace, and majestic beauty of African wildlife. At the same time, she chronicled the devastating consequences of the brutal ivory trade, and the joyous recovery of a few orphaned calves. She has now adopted four baby elephants. Her new book, Love Heals Baby Elephants: Rebirthing Ivory Orphans, is their story.

The book explores how love, community, and play help these babies overcome their trauma. Behind the joy of the survival of a few is still the horror of the global trafficking of elephant tusks and rhinoceros horns through organized crime, corrupt governments, and greed. These wise and gentle giants are now on the brink of extinction. Dr. Baures’ breathtaking photos are an urgent call to action to stop the imminent extinction. Love Heals Baby Elephants takes the reader on an unforgettable journey.  Academy Award-winning filmmaker Margaret Lazurus (Defending Our Lives) says, “This wonderfully written and magnificently photographed book about orphan elephants makes us understand the powerful similarities and connections between humans and animals. When we understand this, the slaughter of elephants for ivory becomes a crime against all we aspire to be as human beings.”

Dr. Baures is also the author of Undaunted Spirits – Portraits of Recovery from Trauma and co-produced the documentary, Strong at the Broken Places – Turning Trauma into Recovery.  For more information on Love Heals Baby Elephants: Rebirthing Ivory Orphans, visit:

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