Assessing Your Cyber-Security Practices  | Cyber Security Awareness

October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month! Take this opportunity to review and improve practices around issues of online security.

You can find more information about these and other useful tips on a variety of online security topics from The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team 


  1. Is/are your password(s) at least 12 characters long?
  2. Does your password contain any personally identifiable information? (name, birth date, phone number)
  3. Do you frequently change your password?
  4. Are you familiar with your institution’s policy regarding password sharing?
  5. Make a list of the various PII that you need access to about the students you work with. Is your access to these data secure? Do you practice diligent efforts to protect these data at all times?
  6. Do you conduct role-based training for new employees, affording them access only to those data points necessary for them to complete their work?
  7. If you access student information on your computer screen, do you have a privacy screen protector on your monitor?
  8. Do you have a timeout function on your access to the student information system or other electronic tools that provide you access to student information?
  9. If you have a need to access student information from off-campus, do you access that information using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?
  10. Do you take student information off campus in hard copy form? (ex. student files) If yes, could you utilize encrypted electronic formats to transport and access these data remotely?
  11. Do you know who to contact on in your institution if you have questions regarding cybersecurity or the secure maintenance of information?
  12. Do you clear your browser cache monthly?
  13. Do you open email attachments before you read the email and verify the sender’s credibility?
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