Antioch University Seattle President to Don New England Patriots Jersey

Keene, NH — As part of a friendly bi-coastal wager, Antioch University presidents in Seattle and New England asked their Facebook fans what kind of humble pie the president rooting for the losing team should eat after the Super Bowl. The result? To honor New England’s win, Antioch University Seattle President Brian Baird will wear a Patriots jersey for a day.

When the teams won their respective championships to advance to the Super Bowl two weeks ago, President Baird and President Stephen Jones of Antioch University New England in Keene, NH, decided to have a friendly wager. Being 2015, they let their fan base determine the stakes of the bet through a poll on Facebook. The options were as follows:

  • Team Jersey – The president rooting for the losing team must wear the winning team’s jersey for an entire day and endure the endless heckling.
  • Edible Treat – The president rooting for the losing team will send the winner New Hampshire maple syrup or Washington coffee.
  • Libation – The president rooting for the losing team will send the winner New Hampshire beer or Washington wine.
  • Weather – The president rooting for the losing team will send the winner a snow shovel or umbrella.

When the results were in and the game was decided in the final seconds Sunday night, the Antioch fan base voted to the team jersey, which is now on order. The only question now is will it be Tom Brady’s – who threw for two touchdowns in the final eight minutes to overcome a ten point lead, or little known Malcolm Butler’s–who picked off Russell Wilson’s pass from the one-yard line with 25 seconds remaining?

Stay tuned for the photo!


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