2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients Honored at Reception

2016 Scholarship Reception

Kristianne Clifford and Chelsea Lancaster

On Monday, May 9, Antioch University Santa Barbara honored students and donors alike at its Annual Grant and Scholarship reception. The reception was invite only for award recipients, their guests, and the donors who made their financial awards possible.

** View photos from the reception on the AUSB Facebook page **

Dr. Dalia Ruiz, a 2015 graduate of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) program is the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Graduate Award. Dr. Ruiz delivered remarks at the reception. In 2015, Lynn Houston, an AUSB Bachelor of Arts graduate and current Master of Business Administration student, received the award in its first year of existence.

The 2015-2016 AUSB Scholarship and Grant recipients are: Anjani Singh, AnnaLynn Clark, Atty Garfinkel, Betty Purify, Brandy Harrison, Brook Garnica, Chelsea Lancaster, Christie Russak, Claire Blakey, Connie Navarro, Devin Nigh, Di Elman, Dora Dorado, Dylan Broyles, Eleanor Mireles, Elizabeth Garcia, Emi Umezawa, Emily Gonzalez, Fatima Estrada, Heidi Huchthausen, Ismael Ulloa, Itay Kohane, Jamie Dufek, Jano Valencia, Jennifer Hartmann, Jenny Martinez, Joe Hulsizer, Johni Hull, Jordan Robinson, Jose Powell, Karen Hernandez, Katelyn Boisen, Kayla Short, Kevin Palacios, Kirsty Kenny, Kristianne Clifford, Kyle DiFulvio, Lena Moran, Leonor Breton, LeWanda Croft, Lukas Checa, Lydia Perez, Lynn Houston, Max Simon-Gersuk, Megan Grubaums, Micasha DeSilva, Miny Zhou, Miriam Halevy, Mzaliwa Musaba, Nataly Arredondo, Nieves Antonio, Peter Achenbach, Primitiva Hernandez, Raymond Payton, Rictavia Maliszewski, Robert Kirk, Rosa Pinedo, Samantha Beach, Sheri Kent, Sierra Butler, Silvia Bordin, Sirwan Assad, Susana Del Toro, Sydney Casler, Tereza Mojzisova, Travis Frohlich, Veronica Perez, Walter Harrington, Xochilt Vargas-Perez.

To learn more about grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid available to AUSB students, please visit antiochsb.edu/financial-aid.

Updated on May 11, 2016


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