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Antioch University Offers Undergraduate Writing Program Online

Antioch University now offers its Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program in the online format. With a concentration in Literature and Creative Writing, the program helps students transform their love of reading and writing into a profession.

Students can transform their love of literature into a profession through Antioch University’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program, now available in the online format. With a concentration in Literature and Creative Writing, the program encourages students to explore the power of the written word as readers and writers. This degree-completion program can be finished in two years.

“This field of study is very well–suited to the online learning environment. We’re excited to enable adult learners who lead very busy lives to experience an Antioch University education,” said Joe Cronin, director of bachelor’s programs at Antioch.

Online B.A. in Liberal Studies students will critically analyze classic and contemporary works of literature in multiple genres and use them to guide their own writing. Over the course of the program, they will examine the ways that creative writing has had an impact on community, society, and culture.

Students will examine literature — including English and American classics, contemporary writings, and work by marginalized authors — within different social, cultural, and theoretical contexts and practice communicating their ideas in writing. Studies in the development of the human language and its acquisition will provide a foundation for gaining a thorough sense of the English language as well as developing their editing skills.

In the writing portion of the program, students engage in hands-on practice in multiple genres and explore new and emerging media, including blogging and digital media. The curriculum also covers professional practices that will help them market and sell their work, such as finding an agent and crafting pieces for specific audiences and publications.

Antioch University is nationally known for its writing programs, which feature faculty members who are highly regarded published writers. The university also sponsors the Antioch Writers’ Workshop, a celebrated annual event that brings award-winning writers, publishers, literary agents, and other writing professionals to the campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Online students are welcome and encouraged to participate in this summer workshop.

Students in the online B.A. in Liberal Studies also take interdisciplinary courses that are the hallmark of Antioch undergraduate education. These courses kick off an exploration of their own and others’ experiences of the world and how they connect with the universal human experience. Students develop a sense of self, their relationship to the larger society and culture, and the implications of their professional and personal decisions on the world.

Admission is open to individuals with an associate’s degree with minimum GPA of 2.0 or at least 40 transfer credits. Applications are now being accepted, and classes begin in May 2014. To learn more about the online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at Antioch University or to apply, go to or call 855-792-1049.

About Antioch University:
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