Antioch University Midwest Scholarship Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Students see scholarships as important to their decision to study at AUM

Michelle Brickman (left), Muhammad Muqtadir (right), and Helen Smith (not pictured) were winners of AUM's 'Win $1,000 to Earn $1,000" sweepstakes.

Michelle Brickman (left), Muhammad Muqtadir (right), and Helen Smith (not pictured) were winners of AUM’s ‘Win $1,000 to Earn $1 million’ sweepstakes.

YELLOW SPRINGS, OH Antioch University Midwest (AUM) launched its second scholarship sweepstakes in the fall of 2012 to encourage student enrollment and retention by awarding three prizes – a $1,000 scholarship, a $750 scholarship, and an iPad 3.  In January, the winners were selected and the awards have been made to students Michelle Brickman ($1,000), Muhammad Muqtadir ($750), and Helen Smith (iPad3).

“I attended Clark State Community College for my associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE). The $1000 scholarship confirmed my decision and I transferred my credits into the ECE Bachelor’s degree program at AUM, which was the next step for me,” said Michelle Brickman, an Early Childhood Education (ECE) major who started in the spring of 2013.

“The scholarship helps me pay for my books and other educational expenses. It also shows me that the school cares about its students and I’m grateful,” said Muhammad Muqtadir, a continuing Individualized Master of Arts student in Philosophy.

“We would like more adults to see Antioch Midwest as a supportive environment for the complexities of modern adults’ lives,” AUM President, Dr. Ellen Hall, said. “AUM is continually looking for ways to assist adults with achieving their short and long-term academic goals. Providing scholarships to students is a critical service we are enhancing.”

Antioch Midwest is dedicated to helping students or potential students make plans for their futures with a new bachelor’s or master’s degree.  Many people fear significant student loan debt after attending college.  However, academic degrees continue to be important credentials for individuals looking for a new job or a career change. Antioch University Midwest understands how difficult the choice can be for a potential student to make that first step and decide to go back to school.

The sweepstakes are the second in Antioch University Midwest’s history after awarding a $1,000 scholarship to current student Sharon Balderson for the fall 2012 semester.

“I wanted a school that caters to adults,” said Sharon Balderson, fall 2012 scholarship recipient and an undergraduate student in the creative writing program. “The $1000 scholarship helped me to make up my mind about returning to school.”

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About Antioch University Midwest: Antioch University Midwest is one of the five campuses of Antioch University, an institution proud of serving adult learners and their specific needs. Antioch University is a multi-campus university of more than 4,000 students who study at the Antioch Midwest campus in Yellow Springs, OH, and at campuses in Seattle, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Keene, New Hampshire, online and around the world!


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