Antioch University McGregor Now Antioch University Midwest

Antioch University McGregor, a sister campus to Antioch University New England, has changed its name to Antioch University Midwest. The campus, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, made the change as part of an Antioch University branding initiative. The new name aligns the mid-western campus with Antioch University’s other campuses, which are all geography-based: Antioch University New England, Los Angeles, Seattle, Santa Barbara, and now Midwest. The change also more accurately reflects Antioch University Midwest’s service to students in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and even nationally, due to its low-residency programs.

Although all of Antioch University is structured around a rigorous liberal arts education, each individual campus has its own unique strengths. The University’s Midwest campus offers many outstanding programs including degrees and certificates in education, world-class conflict analysis and engagement programs, and undergraduate degree completion and master’s programs.

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*Content courtesy of Antioch University Midwest.

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