Antioch University McGregor is now Antioch University Midwest

Antioch University McGregor, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio, embarked on a strategic planning process in 2009 which led to a host of initiatives being developed and executed in 2010 and beyond. Among these initiatives is a keen focus on the University’s identity. Recognizing the global nature of the Antioch brand and seeking to better unify its five adult-focused campuses in four states across the U.S., Antioch University has developed a new logo and brand guidelines to best reflect this unity.

Integral to this branding initiative is to better align Antioch University McGregor’s name with the other campuses – which are all geography based: Antioch University Los Angeles, New England, Santa Barbara, Seattle and, now, Midwest. More significant though is the opportunity to accurately claim service to the needs of students in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and even across the nation thanks to their low-residency programs.

Secondly, but just as important, is the role that each campus plays within the University structure. While all of Antioch University is structured around rigorous liberal arts education, each campus brings its own unique strengths to the University. The University’s Midwest campus has several outstanding programs including degrees and certificates in Education, world-class Conflict Analysis & Engagement programs, and  undergraduate degree completion and masters programs.

Congratulations to Antioch University Midwest and to President Michael Fishbein on this milestone.

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