Antioch University Board of Governors Concludes Seattle Meeting with Lawrence D. Stone, Ph.D. Elevated To Board Chair

Larry Head shotAntioch University Board of Governors Concludes Seattle Meeting with Lawrence D. Stone, Ph.D. Elevated To Board Chair

After serving as Chair of the Antioch University Board of Governors for six years, Art Zucker passed the gavel to Lawrence Stone at the annual board meeting held at the Seattle campus of Antioch University on June 2, 2011.

“Art Zucker has done a phenomenal job of successfully guiding Antioch University through a period of remarkable change,” said Chancellor Toni Murdock. “Now we look forward to consolidating those gains with Larry Stone’s leadership on the board.”

Incoming Board of Governors Chair Larry Stone previously served as Vice Chair and Board Treasurer. “I’ve known and worked with Larry for many years on the board and have the utmost confidence in his ability to carry us forward,” said Art Zucker.

Larry Stone graduated from Antioch College in 1964 with a B.S. and received a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Purdue University. He is Chief Scientist of Metron, a scientific consulting firm with offices in Reston, Virginia and San Diego. Stone has published numerous papers on search theory, taught the subject at the Naval Postgraduate School, and has participated in many search operations. In 1986, he produced the probability maps used by the Columbus America Discovery Group to locate the S.S. Central America which sank in 1857, taking millions of dollars of gold coins and bars to the ocean bottom one and one-half miles below. He is one of the developers of the U. S. Coast Guard’s Search And Rescue Optimal Planning System which went into operation in March 2007. Most recently, he headed the Metron analysis team that guided the successful search for the underwater wreckage of Air France Flight 447.

“It’s an honor to succeed Art Zucker who has done a tremendous job as the Board of Governors Chair,” said Stone. “I intend to continue the process he began of melding Antioch’s five universities into one university with five campuses. I’ll work with the board and Chancellor Murdock to keep tuition costs down, so that Antioch University can continue to provide a high-quality, individualized education to its students at a price they can afford.”

Antioch University is founded on principles of rigorous liberal arts education, innovative experiential learning and socially engaged citizenship. The multiple campuses of the University nurture in their students the knowledge, skills, and habits of reflection to excel as lifelong learners, democratic leaders, and global citizens who live lives of meaning and purpose.

The Antioch University Board of Governors sets policy and strategic direction for the nonprofit, accredited university with five campuses: Midwest, New England, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Seattle. Antioch University also offers a system-wide Ph.D. in Leadership and Change and Antioch Education Abroad.

Outgoing Board of Governors Chair Art Zucker served for six years during which Antioch University has undergone a series of important transitions, including the separation of Antioch University and Antioch College into two distinct institutions, albeit with much shared history. His collaboration with the board and Chancellor Murdock has produced structural changes in university governance such as the establishment of boards of trustees for each Antioch University campus. “There is no question that Art has had an indelible impact on Antioch,” said Toni Murdock. “His creative leadership has shown us all how to deal positively with change. Art Zucker personifies the values we hold dear at Antioch.” Zucker will continue to serve on the Board of Governors as its vice chair.

The Board of Governors rotates its meetings among the university’s five locations. The spring meeting at Antioch University Seattle this week also marks the 35th anniversary of Antioch in Seattle.


Antioch University, a national university, is a bold and enduring source of innovation in higher education serving over 4,000 adult students around the world and across the country, online and from its five campuses in four states in addition to its University-wide international and doctoral programs. Each campus offers degree programs that meet—and often anticipate—the pressing needs of its region and the wider world. The University is also home to the landmark Ph.D. in Leadership and Change; and Antioch Education Abroad, an exceptional slate of immersive service and study programs. As a result, our global network of 30,000 alumni are marked by their commitment to enlightened leadership, global awareness, and lasting engagement with the concerns of their professions and their communities. Together—students and alumni, faculty and staff—form a visionary community that strikes a rare and essential balance between idealism and experience.

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