Antioch Seattle Names New Director for MA Programs in Leadership and Change

Antioch University Seattle has selected Kate Davies as the new director for its MA Programs in Leadership and Change.

Davies, a core faculty member in the Center’s Environment and Community program, holds a doctorate from Oxford University. Trained as a biochemist, Davies has a graduate degree in cultural anthropology as well.

Her interests include progressive social change and social movements, sustainability, social justice, public policy and environmental health. She has an ever-growing reputation as an authority on environmental health, particularly the health effects of toxic chemicals on children as well as social policy issues surrounding toxins and environmental health. Davies is a frequent speaker at local, regional and national conferences and publishes in academic journals, newspapers and magazines.

To the director’s assignment she brings more than 25 years experience in the environmental field, not only as a respected member of the Antioch faculty, but also as special adviser for environmental health in the Canadian Institutes of Health Research; as president of Ecosystem Consulting, Inc.; and for four years as director of environmental protection for the city of Toronto. In addition, she has held academic posts at the University of Toronto and the Queen’s University.

Davies steps into the role this month to lead graduate programs in strategic communication, management, organizational psychology, whole systems design and environment and community. She replaces Shana Hormann, who served as interim director. Hormann returns to full-time faculty duties in the organizational psychology program.

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