Antioch Alumni Council Passes the Gavel

Back row: Corinne Lightyear, Marc Blackbird, Rob Fox, Cyndi Hubach, Jonathan Abbott, Jennifer Webb, Kate Maruyama, David Durand, Hal Randolph, Louise Coffey-Webb, Nancy Fawcett.
Front row: Shawnie Dockery, Kat Kambes, Martha Longley, David Norgard, Leah Hanes.

Faculty Member David Norgard, chair of the Antioch Alumni Council for the past five years, is passing the gavel to long-time council member Martha Longley. She will be joined by Vice-Chair Kate Maruyuma, Secretary Cyndi Hubach, and Liaisons to the AULA Board of Trustees: Nancy Fawcett and Rob Fox.

Martha is a two-time Antioch University graduate. She holds a BA in Liberal Studies and an MA in Nonprofit Management.  “AULA was a good choice for me academically because it allowed me to raise my two daughters while pursuing my bachelor’s degree and then years later, to continue my work as the Executive Assistant to the President at AULA while pursuing my master’s degree. Both programs were designed with the adult-learner in mind which significantly contributed to my enjoyment and success in the program,” she said.

David, who holds an MA in Organizational Management from AULA and also teaches in the MA in Nonprofit Management program, had a “ wonderfully positive experience” with the Yale University Alumni Association as a divinity school alum. It was this experience that inspired him to nurture the growth of what Longley terms “an equally engaging” Antioch University Alumni Council. Before calling upon Martha to adjourn his last meeting as chair, David said to the group, “What we are building here is a community of purpose and shared values and it has been enormously rewarding to me personally to take part in such an enriching endeavor, and with such an interesting and delightful group of people, my fellow AULA alumni.  I am honored to have been part of this good work that benefits our fellow alums, current students, and the University itself.”  Along with Nancy Fawcett, another dedicated alumna and adjunct faculty member, David built the Alumni Association from the ground up. Today, the council is the governing body of the association and is comprised of two representatives from each academic program at AULA.

Longley’s first priority as chair is to share leadership by providing other council members with the opportunity to spearhead alumni association events. By doing so, she hopes to strengthen the council and to broaden engagement in alumni association events. 

Upcoming events include AULA’s Artistic Uprising on November 13th, The Greatness Equation & LinkedIn (the first in a series of career development events) on November 14th, a Day of Service on Martin Luther King Day 2016, a tour of the Los Angeles River in June, and more.

The council is also planning to train alumni to participate in student recruitment events and to answer questions from prospective students in one-on-one phone interviews. “We hope to get this program up and running early in 2016,” Longley added.

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