Andrew Lacourciere, MBA ’13

Becoming a Better Leader

AUNE: What brought you to the MBA in Sustainability at Antioch University New England? What were your aims in entering the program?
Andrew: “I needed to attend an MBA program that was flexible and could accommodate someone with a busy life. The weekend program was exactly what I was looking for, as it allowed me to continue to work full-time and spend time with my wife and children. My aims entering the program were to validate and build upon the business knowledge I had attained throughout my professional career.”

AUNE: What did you find valuable and why as you were going through the program?
Andrew: “Participating in the cohort model was a great experience. It was a benefit to my education interacting with others from different professional backgrounds. I was able to learn from my fellow students, as they were always eager to share their knowledge and experiences. My cohort developed a strong bond as we went through the program and I now have a wonderful network of professionals that I know I can always depend upon.”

AUNE: How were you challenged by this program? How did you respond to the challenge, and what have you learned or how have you grown professionally and/or personally as a result?
Andrew: “Prior to starting this program, I never considered myself an entrepreneur. The program taught me the fundamentals of launching and running a responsible business. I now have a different perspective on what it means to be an entrepreneur and I have been helping my wife make her small business more successful.”

AUNE: What are you doing now professionally?
Andrew: “I am a manager at a manufacturing facility in New England.”

AUNE: How has your learning in the MBA been valuable to you professionally and/or personally?
Andrew: “The MBA program helped me to become a better, more effective leader. After completing the program, I gained practical knowledge that has benefited me in the workplace. I can build and sustain high-performance teams, inspire others to action, and navigate difficult conversations with successful results. In addition, the program taught me how to appropriately address an adaptive challenge and not treat it like a technical problem.”

AUNE: Please describe a specific situation in which you drew on some aspect(s) of your learning from the MBA program.
Andrew: “I was recently asked to facilitate a large group discussion at work with much success. I was readily able to pull from the various experiences I had throughout the program facilitating discussions. The MBA program offers many opportunities to develop and strengthen these skill sets which are important in today’s business environment.”

AUNE: What would you like prospective students to know about the MBA in Sustainability?
Andrew: “There is currently a lack of people in business that understand complex systems and sustainability. It is only a matter of time before this knowledge is sought after as its importance becomes more prevalent and necessary to address the many challenges our society faces.”

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