Alumnus Shares Expertise in Creative Community Building

Director of Graduate Studies for the Arts and Cultural Leadership program at the University of Minnesota College of Continuing Education and Principal for Creative Community Builders, Dr. Tom Borrup, recently published “Just Planning: What Has Kept the Arts and Urban Planning Apart?” in Artivate, a journal of entrepreneurship in the arts. Dr. Borrup is also currently teaching Creative Placemaking for the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Based on his dissertation research Dr. Borrup has as also written the chapter “Equity and Resilience: Planning and Developing Horizontal Networks through Cultural Districts” in The Handbook of Community Development, Routledge, 2017.

seven people standing together around a sign reporting new housing units, all smiling, some holding shovels

Cool Course: How to Address Homelessness in Your Town

It’s common to hear people say that housing is a human right, yet by many estimates, over half a million Americans experience housing insecurity every year. “It’s time to create a groundswell of interest in this topic in this country,” says Charles Durrett, an architect, activist, builder of cohousing communities globally, and instructor of the upcoming four-week Continuing Education course at Antioch, “How to Address Homelessness in Your Town,”…

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