Alice Lim’s Experience at AGPA

Mr. Thomas Furster, a Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, recently wrote to PsyD faculty Lorraine Mangione and George Tremblay about Alice Lim, a fourth year student, and her participation in AGPA’s annual conference. Alice was the recipient of a full scholarship to AGPA, which in itself is a very competitive endeavor, and immersed herself in all that AGPA had to offer, to such an extent that she was asked to be in a video discussing group therapy with youth. This conference is the major conference for group psychotherapy in the United States.

Please see some of Mr. Furster’s comments below:

“Alice received an endowed scholarship to the AGPA Annual Meeting last week in New York City; she was the sole recipient, out of close to fifty applicants, to receive the Howard and Barbara Goldstein Scholarship. This scholarship has been established in the name of Howard and Barbara Goldstein, who have had a long-standing dedication to the growth and development of children; it is awarded to an individual demonstrating deep interest in work with children and/or adolescents.”

“I had the privilege of getting to know Alice a bit over the conference.  She attended a day long course entitled, “Contemporary Adolescent Group Psychotherapy: The Methods, The Madness, and the Fun!,” in which I was one of four senior clinicians from around the country who comprised the faculty. She also attended several other events where I was present, so I got a chance to see her “in action.” I was struck by her openness and curiosity, her willingness to share and to participate, and her strong desire to grow both personally and professionally. She also has a great smile and a strong sense of humor. At all times Alice was quite impressive in her maturity and poise, and a credit to your program.”

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