“After the Rain” | Spring Edition of The AUSB Odyssey Now Available Online

Spring 2013 OdysseyThe Spring 2013 AUSB Odyssey, the “After the Rain” edition, is now available online.

This time of year people in other parts of the country sigh in collective relief as the oppressive clouds and cold of winter yield to sun, heat, and regular thunderstorms. From Main to Montana to Mississippi, April showers bring May flowers, the countryside greens up, and air conditioning runs 24 hours a day.

Not here of course. Spring in Santa Barbara is the opposite of everywhere else. Come April, showers become a rare blessing, and after that the rain takes the rest of spring and summer off. So while spring busts out all over the US, here the wildflowers and hill grasses wither and turn brown.

Even worse, we the get the “May gray” and the “June gloom.” From now until August the fog and low clouds of the coastal marine layer cover us like a cold blanket, and our version of cabin fever begins.

Some days the cloud cover remains so thick and seamless that silver linings can be hard to find, but here are a few: we don’t have to crank up our air conditioning; we don’t have to keep a wary eye toward the hills as the fog keeps the fire threat low; and if we want sun and heat we can take a day trip to Ojai or Santa Ynez.

So slack off, kick your shoes across the room and enjoy. Who knows, while you read the sun might melt away the gray for the afternoon. in any case, your spirits will rise. – Jeffrey Lovelace, Editor

The AUSB Odyssey is a student driven production designed to provide an opportunity for members of the AUSB community to shear their critical voices. It provides a unique opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of AUSB to share their written work including current news, literary works, photography, artwork, reviews, or pieces on social justice, business, health, or human interest.

Current and previous editions are available online.


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