ABA Students Attend 2018 Conference

Group of students at conferenceABA students recently attended the 2018 New Hampshire ABA Conference In Manchester, NH. They share their experiences:

“As a first-time conference goer, I was thrilled by the prospect of attending this year’s NHABA conference! The experience proved to be everything I had hoped for, affording the opportunity to hear from knowledgeable and notable presenters and to engage with other professionals in an inviting and enthusiastic atmosphere.” – Shauna Nicholson, 2nd Year ABA Student

“Attending NHABA’s fall conference was a wonderful opportunity to be reminded just how dynamic our field is. Sometimes it seems we can lose perspective when working at one site or one job, but getting to hear about other professional’s research and experiences was inspiring. From the many complexities and nuances of verbal behavior to the parallel tracks of ABA and psychopharmacology, every speaker and connection I made that day left me with not only more questions but the desire to pursue their answers.” – Tom Heisler, 1st Year ABA Student

“At this past ABA conference in Manchester, NH I was able to hear from many experienced professionals in the field which further enriched my knowledge. As a new behavior analyst student, I found that this conference was a great learning and helpful opportunity. I am thankful for this opportunity from Antioch. Furthermore, I would recommend this conference to other students in the future because I believe conference exposure exposes students to ideas and opportunities they may not know.” – Virginie Kamuene, 1st Year ABA Student

“As the program director of the ABA Program at AUNE, it was inspiring to see the students who attended the conference so passionate and excited about the opportunity. Watching them connect to the information and realize how invaluable attending conferences is to their educational experience is something that continues to feed my passion for teaching and working in this field. The conference this year hosted amazing speakers and researchers in our field and I think it left all of us who attended as part of AUNE motivated to go out and continue the work we are doing to provide critical services for the individuals we serve.” – Rachel Enoch, ABA Program Director

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