June 4 party Rita

“A Very Necessary Party”

House Party Benefits the Bridge Program

A Very Necessary Party was held on June 4, 2017 to support the Bridge Program, which provides university-level humanities education for students who may not otherwise have access to higher education. The fundraiser included both familiar faces and people for whom it was their first time to learn about Bridge. The event was hosted by the newly formed Bridge Council.

Bridge students earn up to 15 transferable units of university credit and study philosophy, literature, art history, writing, and urban studies–all free of charge. The Bridge program also provides a sense of solidarity, community, opportunity, and a new way of seeing the world.

The party program consisted of moving presentations by former students Aura Bogado and Rita Renee Stephens Muhammad; Q&A with program director Kathryn Pope, and stirring words from faculty Tim Malone; site director Russell Thornhill; and Shari Foos, Bridge Program founder.

“Hopefulness about a better world, a world that everyone can equitably participate in economically, socially and intellectually, a vision of a place where everyone is valued— that is the essence of the Bridge Program,” said Bridge Council member and host Jane Paul.

The Bridge Council members include Tex Boggs, Maria de Jesus, Dawn Jackson, Lisa Lepore, Tim Mackey, David Norgard, Elaine Parker Gills, Jane Paul, Rita Renee Stephens Muhammad, Kyle Sawyer, Sierra Smith, Kathryn Pope (ex officio), and Liz Crozer (ex officio).

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