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A moment of inspiration: a complimentary writing workshop

Antioch University Office of Continuing Education and Inspiration2Publication promise to be crucial to the healthy functioning of our diverse society, now more than ever.

Kate headshotBy contributing to the general welfare of our societies, “universities help to establish the broader quality of place for the communities in which they are located” (Schejbal & Wilson, 2008). Today, our communities are global. As we dive into our fifth fall season with inspiration2publication online, we’re excited to offer you a taste of our writing classes with a complimentary LIVE via Zoom, one-hour creative writing workshop hosted by our instructor and team member, Kate Maruyama!

Inspiration2publication launched back in 2014 as a resource for our MFA Creative Writing students to gain teaching experience, as a way for us to cull from our talented and published alumni to offer their editing and writing experience and expertise for the general public. But at Antioch, there is always a social justice aspect to whatever we do. It was our hope to create a platform on which to offer affordable classes to writing students no matter where they are and what their educational background or technical challenges. It was our hope to reach people who work too much to find the time to take classes, to reach stay at home parents, to reach people who live in remote places or who have limited accessibility due to disabilities. It is our ongoing hope to build community among writers where they may safely and authentically craft and tell their stories and be guided toward submission and publication to set those stories on the global stage.

With inspiration2publication, any human who wants to write, and who has access to a computer (public or personal) can take our classes at any time of day from anywhere in the world.

“Inspiration2publication allows the Antioch creative writing community to expand our reach and better serve our mission by offering inexpensive creative writing courses and coaching to those who can afford neither the time nor expense of earning an MFA.” Steve Heller, Professor & Chair Antioch MFA in Writing Programs.

Our classes offer a wide range of writing experiences, from instructional to generative, they serve anyone from raw beginners to published authors. Our students can take generative classes in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, learn to polish their work like a pro in classes on revision, create tension in their pages and, once they have their material, they have access to classes in how to get their work out there to publications, or to query agents. Writers at every level can sign up for expert advice and notes on their work from our wide variety of published writing coaches. Our team of coaches across all genres are well versed in poetry, short stories, novels, essays, articles, memoir, and in academic writing.

We hope that you will explore inspiration2publication, by taking advantage of Kate’s online class (click now as spots are limited!) and continue to observe the expanding University Continuing Education offerings for CE Units, Community Programming, Conference, and Lifelong Learning online and in person.

As a disabled person, it can be difficult to attend workshops in person, particularly as someone who is deaf. Inspiration2publication has given me the opportunity to continue learning and growing as a writer without any of these obstacles. I am incredibly grateful to be able to participate in workshops and courses of the highest quality from the comfort of home. Inspiration2publication isn’t just accessible to people who would not have normally have access either because of a disability or geography but it is also affordable. I have tried online courses from two other writing associations and a single Inspiration2publication has been more beneficial than all of them combined. They have pushed me as a writer and helped me produce more impactful work, as well as offered insight and motivation to get my work out there. I never submitted a piece before taking Inspiration2publication courses and since then I have submitted and been published several times. In a way, I have this program to thank for that.  – Michael Whelan (AULA Alum 2008)
Black and white photo of desks with type writers sitting in the desert


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