Library Research Award annoucement winner

2016 Library Research Awards Announced

AULA-2016 Library Research Award annoucement winner“We are pleased to announce the three recipients of the 2016 Library Research Awards as one honorable mention,” said Lisa Lepore, Director of Library Services. “These students used excellent and extensive library resources, forming the backbone of their papers and informing the direction and spirit of their work.”

The 2016 Library Research Award Winners include:

  • Berlin Emerson, Undergraduate Studies: “A Look at the Current Educational System: Introducing a Holistic Curriculum”
  • Arielle Silver, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing: “Wicked, Selfish, and Cruel: An Inquiry into the Stepmother Narrative”
  • Mary Sutton, Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability: “Public/Private Financing of California’s Prisons and Jails”

An honorable mention went to Raquelle Mayoral, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for her paper “Black Ecopoetics: Analyzing Scribes of the Black Experience in American History.”

The Library Research Awards are generously funded by Amy Smith, Antioch alumna and librarian at heart. Smith believes that a vital library is essential to the intellectual life and welfare of a university and wanted to promote the lifelong skills of library research and critical thinking. Each student will receive a prize of $800.00.

“The 2016 AULA Library Research Awards honors these students in part through recognizing how skillfully they read and synthesized the work of others to create works of their own. Scholarship in many ways represents the best of us, sharing knowledge, building on what we are capable of and what is possible,” added Lepore.

The winners will be honored at a ceremony in the Library on June 7, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.


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