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Keene, NH – Antioch University New England (AUNE) is pleased to offer a new learning experience designed specifically for Waldorf school leaders and administrators. The first session of Waldorf Administration and Leadership Development will take place April 10-15, 2015 in Keene, New Hampshire. The application deadline is January 1, 2014. It is a 13 month, minimal residency sequence. Faculty will include Torin Finser, Program Director; Lisa Mahar, Program Advisor; and Laura Thomas, Administrator.

“Administrators or faculty leaders are vital to the success of the school and indeed the future of your community. This new learning experience is designed to bridge the gaps between pedagogy and administrative expertise for Waldorf educators,” says Torin M. Finser, Core Faculty and Chairperson of AUNE’s Education Department. “We are ever so pleased to announce this new offering in response to many requests from schools, Camphill communities, and those in administrative roles.”

Waldorf schools are self administered, which means that most decisions are made on site by faculty, staff and trustees. This allows for policies that are child-centered and responsive to the changing needs of a local community and curriculum that corresponds to the child’s changing consciousness. Those who know the children make the decisions. Yet site based management also presents significant challenges. Sometimes faculty members are selected to leadership roles based on their pedagogical expertise and the confidence of their colleagues but without necessary skills in communication, group dynamics, facilitation, conflict resolution etc. Likewise, a school often hires administrative personnel with expertise in finances, development, admissions, marketing etc who have the needed skill sets but do not have a background in Waldorf education or the philosophy, Anthroposophy, that guides decision making in a Waldorf school. There is a need for greater role clarity so groups, committees and individuals work collaboratively rather than at cross purposes.

Themes to be covered include:

  • Role Clarity
  • HR Practices
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Applied Anthroposophy
  • Waldorf Essentials for the Non Teacher
  • Group Dynamics
  • Arts for Personal Renewal
  • Eurythmy in the Workplace
  • Meditation
  • Community Development
  • Parent Relations

Course Schedule

  • April 10-15, 2015 – Onsite Intensive (AUNE, Keene)
  • Summer 2015 – Renewal Course of your choice
  • Fall/Winter 2015-2016- Online mentoring and coursework
  • April 2016 – Second Onsite Intensive AUNE, Keene)

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